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What good, fresh coffee in your office means:

The convenience of fresh espresso in the office kitchen means that you do not have to go out of the office to get a quality cup of coffee. You can enjoy the luxury of fresh espresso coffee in your own private barista.

Many new offices are being designed with a coffee machine as an integral part of the new office kitchen. In many ways fresh espresso coffee from an automatic coffee machine reflects the growing acceptance of the standard of coffee that many office workers expect today, and are willing to go out and pay for.

The smell and aroma of espresso coffee can create a convivial atmosphere of relaxation and the feelings that the coffee aroma creates with feelings of being away from the workplace and relaxing. This creates an area where busy office workers can get away from the office without actually having to go 'out of the office'.

While it is true that office espresso is far cheaper than buying coffee at a coffee shop, it is also a very effective way of providing an incentive for staff or a reward for work that they have done on a particular project.

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