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Our Espresso Coffee vending machines offer a variety of espresso beverages brewed fresh from whole coffee beans at the push of a button.

The Saeco vending machines automatically grind, tamp dose, dispense your beverage and then dispose of the used coffee grinds every time you push the button. Features like removable brew group, removable product containers and used coffee drawers make these machines easy to clean and maintain. The Vending machines can easily be customized to fit your application by offering not just espresso and coffee, they can additionally serve drinks like hot chocolate, chai tea and soups. The diversity of beverages, some have the ability to run from plumbed water lines or water tank and choice of coin operation or no coin operation allows multiple applications from offices to hotels and everything in between. Cutting edge technology, multiple features and a wide variety of beverages reassures that we have a Vending machine that is right for you.

All prices Exclude GST and Freight





12 Month
then casual


36 Month


(Excludes GST, Freight, Plumbing & Install)

 Phedra Cappuccino

Phedra Cappuccino Vending coffee machine


SAECO's Phedra Cappuccino Vending coffee machine with FRESH MILK make hot chocolates, lattes.....

**Does not include Glass Door Milk Fridge


Without base unit

Add non change giving coiner

Service cover
(Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch only, all consumables must be purchased from



Included in rental (Conditions apply)




Included in rental



Optional service agreement  $45/month

Glass Door Milk Fridge - $252.00


Rubino 200

Rubino 200 vending machine

SAECO's Rubino 200 vending machine intended for offices and smaller vending environments.
It automatically provides cups, sugar and stirrers...

*Our most popular selling vending Machine

Without Base

With Base

Add non change giving coiner

Water tank kit upgrade

Service cover (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Only all consumables must be purchased from Segafredo)






ncluded in rental              






ncluded in rental







Optional service agreement  $40/month


Nextage Espresso Machine


The Saeco Nextage features a iPad like touch screen which makes beverages selection incredibly easy for the end user



* Service agreement included but all Coffeemust be purchased from Segafredo


*Service agreement included if our coffee is used.


Glass Door Milk Cooler - $260.00

Alante Espresso 700

Alante Espresso 700

Atlante 700 is the new and standard-setting generation of free-standing vending machines for hot beverages – stunningly impressive from every angle. Its innovative U-Profile design with soft and elegant lines adds style to every room.

Atlante 700

Add  change giving coiner

Water tank kit upgrade

Service cover (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch  only, all consumables must be purchased from Segafredo) 

Not Available




ncluded in rental




Optional service agreement  $50/month


Rentals are available to companies or businesses only and are subject to Segafredo approval and credit criteria.
GST is Excluded from these prices. Freight, Plumbing & Installation charges  may also apply. Pricing may change at any time at Segafredo discretion. Water Filters are at a additonal cost.


Benefits of the Régilait granulated milk powder. - dissolves more effectively - transits smoothly through the machine (no clogging, volatility or moisture regain) - provides good, thick, white foam


Regilait milk powder was specifically developed for Automatic Coffee Vending machines. Its unique clean taste (no starch or preservatives), granulated structure which allows more frothing capacity and less chance of agglomeration lends itself ideally to compliment coffee and vending type machines.

Regilait dissolves more effectively than its competitors, does not clog the coffee machine and provides good, thick froth, great for making excellent tasting milk-based coffee.

Regilait smells and tastes just like fresh milk should without the problems associated with fresh milk such as the strict hygiene requirements. Regilait powdered milk reduces the requirements for frequent cleaning and maintenance, taking the hassle out of making great tasting coffee.

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