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Touch screen

Innovation in one touch.

Touch-screen is the new exclusive innovation available only in the Incanto S-Class Sirius model. This technology was originally developed for mobile telephones, and is now used in our coffee machines.
This new hi-tech interactive display is the product of a Saeco's continuous research into innovation. Thanks to its graphic display and icons, you can prepare coffee and your favourite drinks with only a minimum effort and in just a few minutes. It comes with Sensitive Touch technology, which not only gives the machine its up-to-the-minute look, but it also makes it easier to use, thanks also to its special icons giving clear, instant details of the functions.

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SBS - Saeco Brewing System

One touch. All types of coffee.

An absolutely revolutionary innovation. SBS – Saeco Brewing System – Saeco's new patented international exclusive, is the avant-garde technology which has changed the world of coffee machines.
This ingenious system allows you to make an infinite variety of coffee from just one automatic machine and at the mere twist of a knob. Whether it is an intense Italian ristretto (turn the knob to the right) or an American-style long coffee (turn the knob to the left) SBS satisfies all tastes giving a full flavour and a truly unique creamy finish.
Moreover the coffee dose in the extraction chamber is fully exploited, thanks to the pressure, which remains constant throughout the extraction cycle. This way, all of the aroma is concentrated in the cup, offering you a superb creamy finish and a truly rich flavour.

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New 12g brewing group

To satisfy all tastes.

The Saeco 12g brewing group gives a decidedly more intense coffee and an infinite choice of doses per cup.
And as always the Saeco brewing group is easy to remove and can be rinsed under running water to get rid of coffee residues and dirt which alter the quality and aroma of espresso. Simply and effortlessly.
Saeco provides a 5-year warranty on the brewing group, which is at the heart of its coffee machines.

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Aqua Prima filter

Softer water for a more robust coffee

With Aqua Prima the number of flavour-altering substances found in water are reduced, and any micro-particles and impurities are filtered. So you can enjoy the improved flavour and full aroma of your coffee.
Aqua Prima also reduces the formation of limescale in the machine so that it lasts even longer.

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Ceramic grinders

For perfect-tasting coffee every time.

The ceramic grinder is Saeco's most recent innovation, available EXCLUSIVELY in the Incanto S-Class range of coffee machines.
After careful research, Saeco finally chose this material to put an end to grinding with metal components. Indeed ceramic is inert, and thus ensures the best results without altering the flavour of coffee. Moreover, it is perfectly safe to use with foodstuffs.
The new ceramic grinder also provides a more even grind, allowing perfect dosing and blending, and giving you more control over the density and body of your coffee. And that's not all: the amount of coffee residue left in the cup is sizeably reduced.
Long-lasting, minimum noise! Thanks to its sturdy build, the ceramic coffee-grinder will quietly go on grinding to the same high standard for a long time.

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Cup-warming plate

Warm cups make coffee perfect.

The creaminess and flavour of the coffee are enhanced in a preheated cup. The large cup-warming plate, available with many coffee machines, is another benefit that Saeco presents to its customers.
Thanks to the exclusive Bon Temp system, you can make perfect espresso just like in an Italian espresso bar, maintaining all the characteristics, flavour and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

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The Pannarello is the perfect frothing device. Dispensing steam in three different directions, it is an essential key to making thick and creamy foam for cappuccinos and other milk based coffee drinks. The Pannarello also dispenses hot water for drinks such as tea, or instant soups.

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Rapid steam

Rapid Steam: lots of steam whenever you need it.

Rapid Steam is the easy system that reduces the normal waiting time between coffee brewing and steam output to just a few seconds, so you can make fantastic cappuccinos and macchiato coffee in no time. Just turn the steam knob, and you'll immediately have lots of steam for your cappuccinos.

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Steel housing

Enduring style.

Incanto S-Class Sirius's ultramodern design makes it stand out from all other coffee machines. It adapts elegantly to all types of settings, from the more traditional to the hi-tech. High profile elegance which, thanks to avant-garde technology, is characterised by a number of unique details.
First, a special anti-fingerprint, stainless steel coating, which, as well as enhancing the elegance of Sirius's exquisite design, also gives the machine that espresso bar look. It is more hardwearing and allows for easy removal of dirt and fingerprints.
Another extraordinary innovation is the upper "Double Cover": a cover consisting of two panels placed one over the other, to create a brighter and more modern effect. Finally, it is finished in elegant, hi-tech chrome to guarantee durability.

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Articulated Pannarello

Easier, simpler.

With the new Saeco articulated Pannarello, getting that soft, velvety foam for your cappuccino is now even faster and easier. Moreover its characteristic chrome plating enhances the hi-tech design of the machine, making it more durable.

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Here you will find a lever that will allow you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground for each individual cup. Adjust it from 6 grams (- sign) to 9 grams (+ sign) to change the strength of the coffee.

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It is the practical and hygienic Saeco system that takes the milk directly from the pack, transforming it in a thick and creamy foam.

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Saeco Aroma System

To optimize the flavor extraction, a special program step injects a little hot water into the freshly ground coffee, in order to soak it and let it swell up. This is done just before the actual brew cycle commences.


Removable brew group

The removable brew group: the heart of Saeco technology.

There's a secret in every Saeco automatic coffee machine. The patented, removable brew group turn Saeco coffee machines into little gems of automatism and technology. Thanks to this device, all it takes is a push of a button and Saeco’s automatic coffee machines instantly grind the beans, dose the right amount of coffee, brew it and discard the grounds, all completely automatically.

But what is it that makes Saeco automatic machines truly unique and distinctive?
The removable brew group, an exclusive Saeco patent, tested millions of times throughout the world. It only takes a simple gesture for it to be quickly and easily removed from the machine and cleaned. Just rinse it under running water, without using chemical additives, to remove all traces of dirt and coffee residues, which, when left inside the machine, change the flavour of the coffee and interfere with the correct functioning of the brew group. In this way, the quality of the finest espresso never alters.

Saeco, lasting quality.
The quality of Saeco products is also confirmed by the warranty provided. As well as the 2-year European warranty on all coffee machines, Saeco also provides an additional 5-year warranty (Saeco Warranty Plus) on the removable brew group, the heart of Saeco automatic machines.

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