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Eden Coffee is freshly roasted, blended and packed to stringent specification in New Zealand by our coffee roaster, using beans from premium plantations  (Prices include GST & exclude freight)
We guarantee Eden Coffee for freshness and quality. If you are not completely satisfied with your coffee we will replace it or refund your money.            

House Blends






A taste of paradise. Heavens uniqueness comes from the use of an increasingly rare coffee bean known as �Maragogype� (Also known as the elephant bean).  The Maragogype tree produces less than 1kg of green bean per year, delivering a smooth rich full bodied premium blend straight from the exotic lands of Nicaragua.


$15.50 $40.00


An intoxicating coffee � mild to middle of the road essence of spice and unforgettable flavours of mocca wine, dark berry post blend of PNG, Colombia, Kenya & Guatemala Arabica beans.  The temptation is too hard to resist


$12.50  $33.75


Complex Blend, sharp taste, comprising from five different origins across the globe, medium roasted bean well balanced acidity leaving a lingering finish

*Our most popular blend


$12.50   $33.75


Dark Roast.  An Intense, ebony coffee with pronounced nutty overtones. Full of flavour a provocative, exhilarating burst of flavour for any one kind





Black Moon

Blended from the fullest-bodied, most powerful beans. A Rich dark combination of airbed roasted Arabica beans.  A powerful flavour profile, without the burnt or smoky flavour




TRIBAL Organic Fair Trade

From the serene green prominence of Mt Eden to the lush tropical mountain jungles of Sumatra, we have conversed with ancient native tribes, worked with local villagers beaten on every drum on our quest to proffer you the finest quality fair trade organic coffee.

At Eden we believe in aiding small communities sustain a better quality of life and aspire to a more optimistic and prosperous future.

Tribal is a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea, Sumatra and Colombia.
To view sample green bean Fair Trade Organic Certifications for our coffee go to: http://www.espressoworkz.co.nz/Fairtradeorganiccert.pdf
The prodominent bean in our Tribal blend comes the remote Purosa region of Papua New Guinea.
Click below to view a video clip documentry that traces the journey of our coffee from the remote mountain villages where it is grown through to the consumers of Australasia:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEYyzYkeJlk  (part1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj1NFyIxRX0  (part2)
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$12.50  $37.50 



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Unique in its distinct flavour. Guatemalan at its best, is the most complex & most compelling of the coffees from the Americas. Medium body and rich coffee.



Full-Bodied, well-balanced Acidity with a sweet, rounded flavour medium roast
$12.50    $33.75

Mellow and aromatically complex. Full-bodied, moderate acidity and broad flavour. A highly sophisticated coffee for any occasion adding a world of class

$12.50    $33.75


Swiss water process using the finest Brazilian beans.


$15.00   $40.00

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Eden chocolate covered coffee beans are delicious, made for us in NZ, each bean has a thick coating of high grade chocolate, (a bit like a chocolate covered almond) Available in 250g resealable bags.


$12.50 N/A



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Nescafe Classic/Fine 500g Tin .
Nescafe Decaffeinated Coffee 345g Tin
Milo 1.9kg
Vittoria Hot Chocolate 2kg
Vittoria Choc� chino 375g Shaker
Dilmah Tea Bags 200
Dilmah Earl Grey Tea 100
Choysa Tea Bags 200
Chai Tea Spice or Vanilla 908g
Maggi Creamy Chicken Soup 700g
Maggi Creamy Tomato Soup 900g
White Sugar Sachets 2000
Sweet-n-artificial 750
Wooden Stir Sticks
Take-away cups 285ml Box 600 Eden cafe Cups
Take-away Lids 1000 Black Unilid
Eden Vending Cups 8oz 245ml Box 2000
Eden Vending Cup Lids 1000  




Nestle Hot Chocolate Vending 750g
Milk Regilait Non Clogging Vending Milk 500g
Nescafe Classic Vending Coffee 750g  
White Vending Sugar 1.5kg
Maggi Vending Tomato Soup 1kg
Maggi Vending Chicken Soup 1kg
Chai Tea Vanilla or Spice 908g Vending
Vending Stir Sticks for Vending
Eden Vending Cups 8oz 245ml Box 2000
Eden Vending Cup Lids 1000  
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contact Eden Coffee

Espressoworkz Limited New Zealand  0800 377 737  Email:[email protected] Auckland Showroom 100 Mt Eden Rd, Hours 8.30am - 5.00 pm Mon-Fri  10am -2pm Sat 09 6230063  Click For Map  Wellington region sales call Fiona direct on 0274925681 68-74 Kingsford Smith Street, Rongotai, Wellington. South Island sales call Anna direct on 0274925020 170 Hazeldean Rd, Addington, Christchurch