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Why You Should Buy From Espressoworkz

Espressoworkz is a new Zealand wide owned and operated company that has specialised in suppling Espresso Coffee Machines for the home office and cafe for over 10 years. Our 15 staff and contractors nationwide are trained experts dedicated to supplying and servicing your Espresso Coffee machine and having you continue to make great coffee with it over time, meaning the best value for money over the life of your machine.

Buying from Espressoworkz means you will be dealing direct with the experts, getting the best in espresso machinery, advice, support and service, from the largest office or cafe through to the smallest home.

We look forward to being of Service to you.

Kind Regards,
Martin Howard
Managing Director, ESPRESSOWORKZ Ltd

Things to consider Before Choosing an Espresso Coffee/Machine Supplier

For the home:

If you are looking to invest serious money in a home machine, it often pays to deal with the experts and service agents for that machine machinery directly, rather than though a middle man such as a Retail Chain or small coffee shop outlet. Serious Espresso Coffee machines can breakdown and need to be serviced; dealing direct with the distributor and service agent will help you get the right advice and have an ongoing relationship with the experts in you machinery.

For the Office:

Its buyer beware in afraid, there are a lot of options and different machinery available but in the office ongoing service capability from you supplier is the key.


Beware of the franchise operators! Many are based out of Australia and are now starting to market in NZ. They all have very slick marketing gimmicks and offers, but often once you've signed up they package you up with a few other customers and sell your contract to a small franchise operator for an exorbitant amount of money!

So instead of being looked after by highly trained expert employees you are farmed out to a semi retired part timer to look after you that doesnt know much more that you do about your machine than you, and needs you to use heaps of product to make any money..


Would you buy a computer from a green grocer or petrol from a computer shop? Then why would you get an Espresso Coffee machine from an office stationary company. They know little about making good coffee and there only interest is selling you heaps of coffee consumables, not looking after the quality of coffee your machine makes after you've signed up. Often they subcontract the service of your machine to a low cost service firm, who are looking to do a minimum of work on your machine so they can make some money. They sometimes also ratchet up the price of your coffee beans or get you to switch to a budget brand, and the coffee they send you maynot be fresh. Not a great formula for being looked after and having your machine continue to make great coffee over time.


If you are a medium to large organisation, you may be offered a free machine. But as with all things there is no such thing as a free lunch, in the end you just get what you've paid for. Free machines are based how much coffee you will purchase over the life of the machine, with you being charged full price or higher for coffee beans for committing to a certain usage over a few years. Usually it works out cheaper to buy or rent the machine, and get a discount price for you coffee beans!



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