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Choose A Blend To You Taste (Come in packs of 10) at $7.80 plus GST per pack

One of the important aspects of a capsule system is the technology behind its capsules. With Caffitaly the core of the technology is the use of two small filters inside the capsules. Water is forced with pressure through the first filter allowing an even contact with the tightly packed 8 grams (or 0.28 ounces) of coffee grains. When it passes through the second filter, the coffee is extracted and exits as a full-bodied, dense espresso, blanked with a consistent, compact cream.



Why capsules?
� The world of the �portioned� is an up to date and alternative
way of a worldwide consuming. Statistics confirm everywhere
the increasing trend of the �single serve� in volumes and
market share.

� The Espresso represents the most important growing segment;
� It�s an experience, a style of life, principally refered by Italian

� Capsules it�s the new way to enjoy Espresso, it�s the highest
guarantee for the best quality results.

� Practical, fast and easy to use:

� Capsules ensure functionality and hygiene, few actions to
prepare a perfect coffee.

� Ideal Quantity: To obtain the maximum enjoyment, each
single serve capsule contains 8 g. of coffee.
� Constance Quality: The hermetic lock of each capsule assures
the aroma freshness of its flavor.





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