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Espresso Blends

250g   1KG

Primo Select  This vibrant espresso is full, rich and strong. It has an Exotic and exhilarating flavour combined with an alluring aroma and a lingering nutty finish. $8.90   $30.00
*Espresso Grande' Smooth full and satisfying. Nicely rounded flavour characteristics with a deep rich aroma  . $8.90   $30.00
*Espresso Forte  Sultry  dark roast sweetness and depth. This Popular espresso blend has lively flavour characteristics with a lingering finish. $8.90   $30.00 
Espresso Royale Well rounded, hearty and rich. This is a nicely balanced  Espresso with a heady aroma and smooth finish $8.90   $30.00
* Our most popular espresso blends              

Straight Bean Varieties

Organic Coffees  East Timor Organic, Sumatra Mandheling Organic $10.00   $35.00
Mandheling  This exotic full bodied Sumatran coffee has a rich flavour and splendid aroma. Highly prized amongst specialty coffee roasters throughout the world. $8.90    $30.00
Guatemala This versatile coffee when lightly roasted is mild and full, when dark roasted it becomes smoky and powerful. It is a complete coffee, rich and satisfying and full of Lively flavour complexities. $8.90    $30.00
Kenya AA This worldly  high grown Kenya arabica ranks among the finest. It has an intense flavour, pointed acidity and bright hearty character. When brewed it is medium bodied, snappy and Rich with a combination of heartiness and winey Acidity. $11.00   $40.00
Colombia  Superbly balanced, full bodied and mellow with a Gentle acidity and slight nutty flavour. Largest producer Of quality coffee in the world. The beans are traditionally Dark roasted with a strong memorable flavour. $8.90    $30.00
Costa Rica Good acidity and a tangy aroma combined with A full bodied richness and elegant flavour characteristic.              .               $8.90    $30.00
PNG Sigri A rich full bodied coffee with reasonably light acidity And a little gaminess combine to provide great character. $8.90    $30.00
Decaffeinated Swiss water process using Colombian beans. $10.00    $35.00

Other Coffee Supplies

Hot Chocolate Vittoria chocochino, 2 kg resealable packages $21.80
Chocolate Sprinkle Vittoria chocochino with sprinkle canister 350 gram     $7.11
Sugar Sachets  Single serve Sugar Sachets box           $6.00 per (100) $34.00per carton (2000)
Equal Sweetener Sachets  Single serve sweetener Sachets box           $12.00 per (100) $63.00per carton (1000)
Stirring Sticks 1000 wooden stirring sticks $7.50
Instant coffee Nescafe Classic 500gram tin $27.90
Instant Coffee Nescafe fine blend 500gram tin $27.90
Instant Coffee Nescafe Decafe 375 gram tin $27.90
Milo 1.25 gram tin $15.80
Tea Choysa 200 tea bag box $7.50
Sugar Normal 1.5 kg bag $3.50
Soup  700 gram tin $15.50
Chai Tea Amanti powered Chai, spiced & Vanilla,  908 gram pack. *The Best! $27.90
Mallows For hot chocolate, 99% fat free 125 gram pack.     $3.50
Disposable Hot Drink Foam Cups Espressoworkz labeled heat proof cups, 250ml $11.05 per sleeve(100) $74.00 per carton(1000) 
Sipper Lids Suitable for foam and paper cups $10.50 per sleeve(100) $73.00 per carton (1000
Disposable Hot Drink Paper Cups heat proof  cups, 237ml, per 100 sleeve $15.50 per sleeve(100) $158 per carton (1000)

Vending Machine Supplies

Vending Chocolate Nestles value price hot Chocolate vending power  750 gram bag $9.71
Vending Chocolate (Recommended) Cacao PREMIUM GRADE hot Chocolate vending power 1.5kg bag $21.90
Vending Milk (Recommended) Reglait non clog milk powder per bag $11.95
Vending Paper Cups Special 8 oz hot drink paper cups for SAECO vending machines  $27 per sleeve(100)    $270 per carton(1800)
Vending Stirrers Special Plastic stirrer sticks for SAECO vending machines $67.50 per 2000
Vending Tea Nestles Vending Tea 150 gram bag $16.00
Vending Sugar  1.5 kg bag $2.95

Text Box: Roast master Jeff Evans learned his trade in North America and has since traveled the world researching and perfecting the "art" of coffee roasting. He roasts all beans separately to highlight each origin's natural characteristics.


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