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Royal Cappucinno

The Royal series brews espresso automatically. Enjoy the best quality espresso and cappuccino by pressing a button. The Saeco Royal Cappuccino is the coffee machine of choice for the home or the office. Make all your favourite drinks at home; from espresso, cappuccino, café latte, flat white to full mugs of coffee with the push of only two buttons. At the touch of a button, the Royal Cappuccino grinds each serving from whole beans, you can make one or two cups at a time.

The Royal Cappuccino also offers a separate shute for the decaf coffee lover. Milk is made easy with the automatic milk frother or by using the manual steam wand at the same time as extracting a coffee shot, making it twice as quick when making two coffees or more. (also great for fluffies for the kids and hot chocolate). Reliability: Saeco of Italy is the European leader in Automatic Espresso machines. This machine is of SAECO's traditional very robust design and can take a pounding. We often put this and other Saeco Royal models with the same coffee making mechanism on rental to offices where they often make in excess of 20,000 cups within 2-3 years, and they still produce great coffee. They have a stainless steel boiler, and a domestic use warranty of two years on the machine and 5 years on the brew unit.

Taste: Saeco Automatic coffee machines are known to make great coffee, and will continue to over time; with SAECO's removable brew group the machine can be easily cleaned regularly, without the use of chemicals.

Capacity: It can make 30 coffees before you have to empty the dregs bin. It has a large drip tray, 2.4 litre water and 300 gram bean hopper, so your not filling and emptying it all the time. It comes with a water filter so you can fill straight from the tap.

Service: Coffee machines have steam, water lots of moving parts, and if they get a lot of use without regular cleaning they will eventually break down. Saeco machines are designed in such a way that they can be economically repaired and so give many years of service. If you keep the packaging the machine comes in you can simply courier your machine for service to our Auckland where we have SAECO technicians and parts to repair and maintain your machine into the future. Electronic Control Panel and Function Control. Cup warming plate. Removable central brewing unit and removable water container with hand grips. Adjustable coffee-grinder, or use pre-ground coffee, with a special "plus" dosage unit.

Technical Information

Country of manufacture
Dimensions w*h*d
Power supply
Pump pressure
Warranty Home
Warranty Office

Stainless steel
15 Bar (220psi)
2 Year domestic
1 Year

$3095.00 Incl GST

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