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Espresso Coffee Machine

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The Saeco Royal Professional is designed for light commercial use and includes all advanced Saeco superautomatic coffee machine features. This is the coffee machine of choice for the home or office looking to enjoy the best in modern coffee culture. At the touch of a button, the Saeco Royal Professional grinds each serving from whole bean, automatically dosing and tamping the coffee, brewing through high-pressure extraction, and dispensing into one or two cups from an adjustable outlet. The used coffee puck is automatically ejected into an internal holding bin. With its powerful 15-bar (220 psi) pump, the Royal Professional produces coffee full in flavour and aroma with full head of creamy crema. Serve perfect espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, or full mugs of coffee. Once you have experienced coffee from a superautomatic coffee machine, you will not want coffee made any other way!High reliability and an elegant stylish design.  The Royal series brews espresso automatically.  Enjoy the best quality espresso and cappuccino by pressing only one button. 

Fetures include cup warming plate, removable central brewing unit and removable water container with hand grips.
Adjustable coffee-grinder, or use pre-ground coffee, with a special "plus" dosage unit.   

$2995 (incl GST) plus freight


Technical Information (made in Italy)

Dimensions w*h*d
Power Supply
Water tank
Coffee container
Capacity of dump box
Pump Pressure

15 kg
2.4 litre capacity
30 grinds
15 Bar
Now in all silver

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