5P Espresso Coffee Vending Machine

User friendly, 5-selection espresso and cappuccino machine. Self grinding, fully automatic countertop machine that grinds each cup fresh from whole beans at the touch of a button. Popular beverage selections include espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, long black.

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The 5P features:

-Programmable, adjustable beverage volumes and product settings
-Individual and total beverage counters
-Programming menus accessible from selection panel
-Milk heated & frothed automatically
-Double shot espresso capability
-Exclusive, patented 7-gram brew group
-Built in adjustable burr grinder with 34 settings
-Crystal readout display
-Used coffee grounds automatically ejected
-Coin mechanism available
-Fully self-contained
-Internal water tank or plumbed
-UL approved


Instructional Manual

 High resolution photo


Dimensions WxHxD 382x585x689mm
Weight 26kg.
Shipping Weight 30kg
Power 1250W/230V
Internal Water Tank 5qts., 50 cups or plumbed 3/4" NTP
Cabinet Water Tank N/A
Capacity/hr. 180 espresso
Bean Hopper 1kg., 130 cups
Milk Canister 500g, 70 cups
Base Optional
Cup Holder N/A
Sugar Packets N/A
Stirrers N/A
Color Black



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